Obama Big Announcement

Obama announces key members of his Cabinet. Let me show you the email I got on hour ago:

Allen —

Today and yesterday, President-elect Barack Obama announced key members of an economic team tasked with creating jobs, stabilizing the economy, and getting our country back on track.

Barack is bringing together some of the best minds in the country to make swift progress on the economic challenges we face.

Timothy F. Geithner, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, will serve as Secretary of the Treasury. Lawrence H. Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton, will serve as Director of the National Economic Council.

Christina D. Romer will serve as Director of the Council of Economic Advisers, Melody C. Barnes will serve as Director of the Domestic Policy Council, and Heather A. Higginbottom will serve as Deputy Director of the Domestic Policy Council.

Peter Orszag, currently Director of the Congressional Budget Office, will serve as Office of Management and Budget Director, and Rob Nabors will serve as Deputy Director.

Barack’s economic team has already begun work on a recovery plan, and he’ll provide progress updates in the coming weeks. He’ll also provide their initial recommendations to the incoming Congress.

You’ll be instrumental in generating support to pass legislation that puts America on the road to recovery.

While we can’t underestimate the challenge we face, we also can’t underestimate the opportunity we have to bring the change our country needs.



David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

I will, starting now, do research on these people and put this on it’s own separate page (called “The Cabinet”). I’ve been waiting for this big announcement, and now that it’s been made, I can finally add the final addition to my web site. It will be up in about a week’s time. For now, here is another YouTube message from our President-Elect:

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Obama’s Weekly Address

Watch at your own pleasure.

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Obama Vetting Too Good?

First, lets get this out of the way: Sorry for the long-delayed posting time. There was a few news worthy stories, but for the most part nothing major in my eyes. But here is a story I think is interesting:

Obama’s vetting for his Administration is said to be “too cautious for his own good”. Why” On top of the normal FBI background check, you have to submit, “…past criminal history, candidates are asked about personal diaries, past blog posts, and the financial entanglements of extended family members.” (CNN.com) I believe in this day and age, with most of the media either after to get you or looking to see how liberal you are, it is a smart idea to ask such questions. If someone has released a questionable blog, or have ties to foreign countries, or whatever, you should know about it. Is it too good, however? I don’t think so, although it may subtract some qualified people from getting hired.


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Obama Muslim?

The answer is no. Lets just get that clear from the start. However there is a letter you should all read, and post your thoughts right here on this blog (and to be fair, on CNN.com too).

Here is a clip from the letter:

Again, let it be known to the world that Barack Obama is not (and has never been) a Muslim. Sadly, your presidential position vis-à-vis the Muslim world is still unenviable because some Republican adversaries sinisterly tried to paint you as a “crypto-Muslim” during the presidential election, although Sen. John McCain did not join in these absurd accusations.

However, in one fell political swoop, former Secretary of State Colin Powell bravely challenged the xenophobic undertones of his own Republican Party on “Meet the Press” by highlighting the ultimate sacrifice of a Muslim-American soldier who died in Iraq for the United States.

(for your information, you can go here to find the full endorsement from Powell for Obama)

So what do you think? You agree with his points, or do you curve away from his opinion? Where and why, or why do you agree with his points? This post is more about what you think, than what I think. I’ll get back to you with my opinion next week.

The Letter (CNN)

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Obama and Clinton sitting in a tree…

The now President-Elect Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton had a vicious battle during the primaries. Not McCain vs Obama bad — that crap was like a fairytale compared to Clinton vs Obama. Funny thing is, Obama was the little guy back then. He was the guy people made fun of because he could speak (okay, not really, but thought I’d try at some humor). Truthfully, though, Clinton and Obama both said some pretty nasty stuff at each other. Doesn’t help the fact that Obama ditched Clinton for Biden when considering who will be his running mate.

So with all that said, today when I was at work I heard a crazy rumor that’s not so crazy after all: Hillary Clinton might be our next Secretary of State. This way, who cares what Bill Clinton is doing (or should I say who?), because he is some FMR President who is husband to the Secretary of State. Will the news actually think that’s news worthy? Eh, I’ll guess we’ll wait and see.

My personally opinion here is this: she is a better choice than that other guy, you know, John Kerry, right? I don’t know why, really, but I just don’t trust the guy. However, Hillary Clinton is a safer and better bet. All the Hillary fans will be glad that she will be in the White House (although still wish Biden will die and somehow Hillary becomes VP), and I will be happy (and many other people I know) that the man that is John Kerry is not in the White House. All is well in this little blog.

Now comes your part. What do you think about this? Do you think Obama and Clinton have made up? Is Clinton right for the Secretary of State? Who knows? You do! So tell me your opinions.


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Obama To Hear Missile Defence Works

During the 22-month campaign, Obama touted that he would only use our resources on missiles and defences if it was proven to work. Today the head of the U.S. missile defense agency said he will tell Obama that it is indeed proven.

The story basically is, that most critiques are behind the times, thinking that technology is the same as it was in 2000, however “We’ve come a hell of a long way since 2000. So our primary objective will be to educate them on what we have accomplished.” said Lt. Gen. Trey Obering. The Lt. General also said that the new President should stand his ground when it comes to the planned missle shield in Europe that is pissing off the Russians. He said, “If we were to walk away from these deployments in Europe, it would severely hurt our ability to protect our deployed forces in that region and our allies in that region from what we see as an emerging threat,”.

So far, all we have heard from the Obama camp is that, “President Kaczynski raised missile defense, but President-elect Obama made no commitment on it. His position is as it was throughout the campaign: that he supports deploying a missile defense system when the technology is proved to be workable,” said Denis McDonough, Obama’s senior foreign policy adviser.


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New look and All is OK

Hello, today this will be the only news post I do. First off, new look. At the top, I got rid of that standard description and just put “v.1.2” at the top, so if you notice it being a higher number, that simply means I added a new page or changed/tweaked the layout. So yea, there you go. If you like this layout, please comment, even if ya hate it, comment.

And your daily news: Even though John McCain preached on how the Democrats will rule the world and how bad of an idea that is, according to CNN.com, fifty-eight percent of the population that was polled believe it’s a good thing that the Democrats are in charge. Beat that Republicans!

And thats it for today,  for those of you wondering why I am up so late, today marks the first month of my marriage and my wife surprised a nice dinner outing on me. No time until now, and bed is calling, so I’d thought I would add a quick comment, change the look, and then go to bed. Tomorrow I’ll have more news for you. Have a wonderful night, ya’ll, and I’ll be back with more news tomorrow.

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President Bush Welcomes Obama

President Bush today welcomed the President-Elect Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama. Most people were wondering if these two could peacefully talk together, because Sen. Barack Obama basically campaigned against Bush (with his comparison of McCain and Bush). However, whatever was said during this long campaign has seem, at least publicly, to disappear. President Bush has been nothing but respectful and wishing Obama the best wishes and even pledged both to Obama and to America to help him transition into the White House (story – at end in the “update”).

This was an historic meeting of the President and President-Elect, and although we didn’t hear from them (we wasn’t expecting to), we are told all went well. They were expected to talk about the economy, the war and national security. I’m sure other topics where mentioned, but we have no way of knowing.

The First Lady and Michelle Obama walked the White House, allowing the next First Lady to see where she will be living for at least four years. I’m sure they talked about responsibilities, the kids, and several other topics.

This also marks the first time Obama has ever been in the Oval Office, and certainly won’t be the last. A day to remember, folks, and hopefully a beginning of a peaceful, smooth transition to power.


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Obama to Dunk the Lieberman Senate-Battle

Sen. Joe Lieberman is a cause for pain among Democrats. Even someone like me, who is more independent and votes for the guy who is best for the country (I supported Bush during the 2004 Election — I hate Kerry), thinks what Lieberman did was morally wrong. However, my personal feelings is this: what he did was wrong, maybe he should become a Republican or an Independent, but does it deserve a punishment? I say no, he has the right to support whoever he wants.

With that said, I also believe Obama should — as the next White House Chief-of-Staff said — stay out of this battle. If anything, say a few words of forgiveness, but not saying much. Why? Wouldn’t it be irresponsible for him to focus on this petty battle on the Senate floor rather than focusing on the issue at hand, the economy? I think so, and apparently Obama does to.

My question to you, do you think what Lieberman did deserves a punishment? If your confused on what this guy did, basically he asked Obama to speak and campaign for him back in like 2005, and then stabbed him in the back and endorsed John McCain. He said terrible things about Obama, and even though he was like a mentor to the young Senator Obama, went to the RNC and spoke for McCain and against Obama. He said, “I am here because country matters more than party…”, but if what you say is true, then why did you ask Obama to speak for you, and why did you mentor him? So the Democrats are apparently wanting blood.

So then, what do you think? Reply back and tell the world what you think.

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Obama At Large: What he is doing now.

My friend asked me the other day what Obama is going to do from now until Jan. 20 when he is inaugurated. Honestly, I didn’t know. That’s why I started this web site, one of the many reasons. I started it because, in part at least, I wanted to know more about how politics works, and what a President-Elect does. So far, he has done radio and TV address, he has “Met the Press” and he is busy choosing the next administration. To tell ya the truth, he has done a fine job when it comes to picking his Chief-of-staff (link to story). This guy Rahm Emanuel is a strong fellow, a person who will work hard to ensure what Obama wants happens. Basically, he will be the glue of the White House. We need a strong glue, wouldn’t you say so? If you were using glue and nails and screws to hold a table together, would you use Elmers glue or wood glue? Thats a dumb question, because any carpenter would tell ya wood glue. It’s a strong hold that will help keep the wood in place, of course you need your screws and nails, but the glue is important. Just like that example, so is the White House Chief-of-Staff, because this person will keep everyone focused.

So what is Obama doing now? According to his transition team, he is busy going through our government and seeing what needs to be trashed, what needs to be improved, and what needs to stay. He’ll have to make judgement calls on some of these things, but as a TIME Mag. Online interview stated, Obama just has to trust his gut sometimes.

So he is doing that, but Podesta also has this to say: “I think one of the most critical things … that we focused on was it was important to name a White House chief of staff early and build a White House staff right from the beginning to go along with the Cabinet’s [selection] process,” he said. Apparently, Obama is also picking his staff and Cabinet, which really is obvious you would think — but the last Democrat in the White House took his time with picking his Cabinet (Bill Clinton) and from what we can tell, Obama wants to be careful about his picks, but speedy.
Two teams that the Obama transition team are trying to pull together are an economic and national security teams. Obviously, the economic team to him is the most important; but as someone emailed Fox News, without national security, having a good economy is kind of mute. So both teams are important.

Names that experts are pulling together are as follows: Sen. John Kerry, former Presidential Candidate, for secretary of state. Then there is the New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel. Both of these men would make fine candidates for an Obama White House.

And the most important position Obama can fill, treasury secretary, there are a few names going back and forth. I have heard from two web sites (Foxnews.com and WebProNews.com) that Google CEO Eric Schmidt might be considered for the job, and on CNN.com I heard that Lawrence Summers and Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker.

But the most important thing is, I do believe Obama has done his homework, that he isn’t going to do whats good for the party, or for him, but what is good for the country? (like he did when the Financial Meltdown happened…full story here at Foxnews.com) So in many ways, Obama so far is shaping up to be the guy we need in the White House, right when we need him. Not to say he isn’t going to screw up, because every modern President we have had screwed up somewhere to ruin his name — even if History wont admit it. We can only hope and pray Obama wont, but the chances are against him. Only time will tell.

Main Source

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