Bush: Worst President Ever?

Its been floating around, and even on CNN.com they are reporting that Bush could be considered, “unlucky” and “incomplete”. Personally, though, I believe he will go down to be one of the worst Presidents of all time.

Now don’t get me wrong, Bush did a decent job. The economy wasn’t his fault, but the war(s) we are fighting are. He shouldn’t have gone into Iraq; you can say we thought they had weapons of mass destruction or not, because honestly it doesn’t matter. There wasn’t enough information, and our newly elected President-Elect Obama knew that. But Bush went in anyway, distracting us from the real threat and giving them (the terrorist) a firm and close battleground to attack us.

You see, during the election McCain often said “Iraq is the central battleground against Al qaeda”. What he has never mentioned is that’s because we are there. Now if we pull out quickly, I don’t believe Al qaeda would give up; however we must see that McCain was wrong to go into the war, and Obama was right. That al qaeda would have never been in Iraq if it wasn’t for us. And the situation in Iran would have been different, as well, because Iran and Iraq have always served as a check-and-balance. Now that balance is gone, Iran is free to build it’s nuclear power.

I know some of you will say that if it wasn’t for us going into Iraq, then Al qaeda would have just attacked us on US soil. That may be true, but we shall never know. What we do know is this stopped us from getting the people who originally attacked us, and cost us ten billion dollars a month.

Barack Obama, according to his plan, will start pulling troops very soon. However, if he keeps his promise, then that plan will be placed in front of the Iraqi leaders and our generals on the ground, and together with Obama they will come up with a time-table that works for Iraq and keeps that country safe.

Going back to the argument, because of that choice, and certain elements (like the financial crisis), President W. Bush will go down in our history books as an unlucky, horrible president. Its sad, but true.

Update: I should say that Bush has planned a very good transition, even before the Election Day. This should help President-Elect Obama, unlike what FMR President Clinton did with Bush (or lack-there-of). So, even though the history books will say Bush was an unlucky, maybe even horrible President, he has done some great things. A more in-depth look at Bush will be posted later in this blog’s life, sometime before Jan. 20th.

Update #2: President Bush has recieved, according to CNN.com, a 76% disapproval rating — worse than the infamous Richard Nixon. Bush now holds the worst disapproval rating, besting them all. Its a sad thing, because not everything that went wrong was his fault, although some do blame everything on him.

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