How can Obama Unite a divided country?

There are good Presidents, bad Presidents — and great Presidents. Right now, we need something that has happened only a few times — we need an exceptional President. On Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, I think we did just that. However, truth be told, Obama has his work cut out for him.

He not only is going to be given a country with two wars and a finical crisis that is effecting the entire world (oh, and the world is blaming us for it — which is actually true), he is also going to receive a country that is divided by not only two candidates but racial divides as well.

How can Obama unite the country under him? By creating a first rate Cabinet, with both Republicans and Democrats. I believe on this list should be John McCain and Colin Powell. Both of these guys are well respected and are leaders in the Republican Party.

I think John McCain could both work with the Republicans in the Senate, as well lead the Republicans under Obama. The people who voted for McCain did so either because they are racist (those people you can’t do anything about) or because you truly believed Obama wasn’t the right candidate, and that John McCain was (I believe more people fall in this category). The people in the second category will take a second look at Obama if he actually elects Republicans on his Cabinet, however they will be amazed if John McCain was on that list.

That is my idea, and I’ll post more as it comes to me. However, I would like to hear from you. So the question is, what does Obama need to do to unite the country under him?

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