Obama Picks Chief-of-Staff

Obama, along with picking people to help him transition into power, has selected his first person on his Cabinet. Rep. Rahm Emanuel is his pick for White House Chief-of-Staff. According to CNN, the Chief-of-Staff, “oversees and coordinates activities and communication among various departments of the administration. It is considered one of the top positions in Washington.” (link) This pick has been met with mixed reactions. Some call it a smart move because Emanuel has served under Clinton and helped bring the Democrats to majority in the Senate. That Obama will need Emanuel to transition into a smooth presidency. However, Republicans will be quick to point out that Emanuel is clearly a partisan choice. This may be true, but Democrats say that Emanuel could help bring far-left senators to the center, so Obama can have more votes for the bills he passes.

Personally, I believe this guy was a smart choice and is a must for an Obama Administration.


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  1. Update: Change.Gov has now updated it’s web site. http://change.gov/newsroom/entry/emanuel_to_be_obamas_white_house_chief_of_staff/ Here is the official links with some words from the new Chief of Staff.

  2. […] To tell ya the truth, he has done a fine job when it comes to picking his Chief-of-staff (link to story). This guy Rahm Emanuel is a strong fellow, a person who will work hard to ensure what Obama wants […]

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