Obama and Clinton sitting in a tree…

The now President-Elect Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton had a vicious battle during the primaries. Not McCain vs Obama bad — that crap was like a fairytale compared to Clinton vs Obama. Funny thing is, Obama was the little guy back then. He was the guy people made fun of because he could speak (okay, not really, but thought I’d try at some humor). Truthfully, though, Clinton and Obama both said some pretty nasty stuff at each other. Doesn’t help the fact that Obama ditched Clinton for Biden when considering who will be his running mate.

So with all that said, today when I was at work I heard a crazy rumor that’s not so crazy after all: Hillary Clinton might be our next Secretary of State. This way, who cares what Bill Clinton is doing (or should I say who?), because he is some FMR President who is husband to the Secretary of State. Will the news actually think that’s news worthy? Eh, I’ll guess we’ll wait and see.

My personally opinion here is this: she is a better choice than that other guy, you know, John Kerry, right? I don’t know why, really, but I just don’t trust the guy. However, Hillary Clinton is a safer and better bet. All the Hillary fans will be glad that she will be in the White House (although still wish Biden will die and somehow Hillary becomes VP), and I will be happy (and many other people I know) that the man that is John Kerry is not in the White House. All is well in this little blog.

Now comes your part. What do you think about this? Do you think Obama and Clinton have made up? Is Clinton right for the Secretary of State? Who knows? You do! So tell me your opinions.


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