Obama: Tell Us How It Is

I just read an article in the Townhall Magazine, about how conservatives should ban together and critique Obama and let the American public know what they think about his policies. I have a little problem with that, to tell you the truth.

You see, the problem I have is this: why can’t we just report what Obama does, and let America make it’s own damn mind up. Like Obama says, there is no Liberal America, Conservative America, Black or White America…there is the United States of America. We all have our own mind, and we as bloggers and the media should ban together, tell the truth and keep each other honest. That doesn’t mean bash the other guys so you look like the best. Nope, that means you correct them when they are wrong, kindly.

However, there is more this article says. In the article the women, clearly a voice for Mccain, said we don’t know who Obama is and that the young people voted for him because he is cool. I’m sorry, I don’t say you voted Mccain because your raciest; I honestly believe that 95% of the people who voted Mccain, voted so because they believe he is the right man for the job. That number might be higher, who knows, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Point is, stop whining that Mccain lost and start being an American. Help Obama by critiquing him and by sharing your thoughts on Change.gov. Sure, who knows if he listens but you know what, if you never try then how can you blame him for not listening to you? And folks, those who voted have every right to tell Obama what he does wrong and what he does right, those who choose to exercise the right not to vote…I’m sorry, I just believe you gave up your right to complain about the government. If you don’t care enough to vote, then how can you complain when the world goes to Hell?

So thats what this blog is about. Its about learning about what a President-Elect does, what the Obama Transition Team is doing and to help keep you informed. It’s also a place to discuss and critique Obama; not bash or praise. If you agree with what he’s doing, like I have many times before, then say so. If you disagree, then your free to say so. Just do so with respect, and remember people have feelings — even on the internet.
So what do you believe? Should the news force an opinion down your throat, like they do now, or should they give you the news — whether it’s Obama doing this, or doing that — and let you decide the truth?

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  1. If I could have voted, I would have voted for McCain because I don’t agree with very many of Obama’s ideals. Like most McCain supporters, I was disappointed when he lost, but I remembered something that God commands us: we are to respect and pray for our leaders. Like I said, I may not agree with many things Obama does, but I will pray and respect him throughout his administration.

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