Obama and IL Gov.

If you haven’t heard about this, then you have been under a rock. The IL Governor apparently wanted to sell Obama’s Senate seat. Now Fox News is trying to connect Obama to the Governor. Let me say, Obama has said there is no connection to this scandal and him. Second of all, Fox News will try anything to bring Obama down. They can’t say anything about his Cabinet picks, so now they are taking this chance. Do I believe there is any connection? Not with the evidence that O’Reilly was giving last night, and nothing that the FBI has released. Remember, then FBI talking to Obama and investigating him would be national news and everyone — not just Fox News — would know about it. Check all the facts, and make up your own mind.

To be truthful, though, this was the first time Obama didn’t have his White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, was not at an Obama Press Conference. Could there be a connection between him and the Governor, or any other Cabinet holders? Of course there could be, but that doesn’t connect Obama to any of this. Stay tuned for the latest.

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