Obama Bio

Note to Readers: This is not a complete bio, if you want to read more about President-Elect Obama, then please go here for more information.

President-Elect Barack Obama started out his life in Hawaii, born on August 4th, 1961. His father carried the same name, Barack Obama Sr., and he was from Kenya, Africa. His father was raised Muslim, however as he grew up Obama Sr. became a skeptic and more of an atheist then a Muslim. Obama Sr. left Obama Jr. and his wife when Obama Jr. was two. President-Elect Obama would never see his father again, only for one month years later.

Barack Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham. Her father marched in General Patton’s army. Her mother worked on bomber assembly lines during World War II.

Before Obama Jr. would earn his law degree, he would work with local churches to bring real change to Chicago, IL. In 1991 he earned his law degree and became the first African-American to be the President of Harvard Law Review. He then had a variety of choices of where he could be employed. However, he choose to go to Chicago, IL again, where he has all ready met and started dating Michelle (during his years at Harvard, he had an internship where he met Michelle — he started dating her then). The job he took made significantly less then what he could have made, but he choose a higher cause and wanted to continue to help Chicago. He became a civil rights lawyer (for the infamous ACORN) and taught constitutional law.

Barack Obama Jr. soon became a State Senator for Illinois. In 2000, he ran for congress yet failed. And in 2004, he made a speech that would define him for a nation and start his career towards the Presidency. He was running and did win the US Senate race in 2004, and in February 2007 he announced he was running for President in Springfield, IL (watch it here). In 2008 he would be elected President of the United States, and on January 20, 2009 he will be inaugurated.

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