The Cabinet

White House Chief of Staff: Rahm Emanuel
White House Press Secretary: Robert Gibbs
Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Retired Army Gen. Eric Shinseki
Secretary of Education:  Arne Duncan

The National Security Team:
Secretary of State: Sen. Hillary Clinton
Secretary of Homeland Security: Gov. Janet Napolitano (of Arizona)
National Security Adviser: Retired Marine Gen. James Jones
Attorney General: Eric Holder
Ambassador to the United Nations: Susan Rice

The Economic Team:
Secretary of Treasury: Timothy Geithner
National Economic Council: Larry Summers
Domestic Policy Council: Melody Barnes
Council of Economic Advisers: Christine Romer

This is the list, expect me this week to get short bio’s of everyone. A quick Google will do the trick if you can’t wait. 🙂

Please Note: The Cabinet is not complete, nor is it final; so anything can change. I will update it as the news comes in.

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